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Wines of Calabria

Donnici99: Wines of Calabria

Donnici 99, set up with the intention of restoring local wine production, is a successful example of integration of business with valorisation of the countryside of Cosenza.

The estate, comprising cultivated areas, woods and Mediterranean scrub, is perched on a broad knoll of land 500 m a.s.l. at Contrada Verzano, in the village of Donnici Inferiore to the south of Cosenza.

The vineyards are cultivated in the sunniest areas of the estate, shielded against the winds blowing from the Sila.
Century-old olive trees provide an attractive contrast to the regular pattern of the vines, framed by the woods that embrace the estate.

All the grapes come from estate-owned vineyards, all named after elements of Mediterranean shrub.